Tuesday, August 31, 2010

06.08.2010 My first time in Harbin

(Dress H&M, Blazer H&M, Shoes Random, Bag Celine)
I finally update my blog! I have been to China for 2 weeks in the early Aug, Harbin-Hangzhou-Shanghai-Guangzhou. I was invited to be one of the bridesmaid of my best fd's wedding in Harbin, It was fun!! but the traditions there are so different from HK. and one thing i really have to mention that is...the traffic there is SUPER scary! the driver will never look at the blind spot and they sound the horn almost every second....i dun think i can drive properly there...
It was fun overall to have all my bitches from all over the world gather around and party together! wonder when will be the next time :)