Saturday, May 29, 2010

30.05.2010 It's 3am and i am still awake

I swear, this is probably the best green tea ice cream in Hong Kong! seriously,  i miss it now hahaha

I love making changes of my old necklaces. If you are getting bored of some of your accessories, try to make changes like what i have done to my two necklaces above :) Right now i have made too many necklaces that i don't think i could wear them all...hmm might give away as a gift :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

27.05.2010 Friend's Birthday Celebration

Got Diarrhea today don't know if it was because of this Coffee....i doubt on it :(

(Dress Lonely Hearts, Bag Celine, Necklace Karen Walker, Bracelet self made)
Today is not my friend's birhtday but we are going to celebrate today :) going to have pizza and spaghetti yay. I have done a lot of hand made accessories recently like the bracelet i am wearing in the photo. Seriously i like doing things like this, rather than being an ordinary office lady. But i don't know if i can really do things i confuse :(

Saturday, May 22, 2010

22.05.2010 Debailleul Cafe

Haven't update for long, too lazy :P so, i have stop drinking coffee for a while cause my stomach was feeling unwell and the reason was because of coffee :( Now i am all good and i can have coffee 'sometimes' but not everyday. The Iced Mocha i had was very nice not very strong, good for me :)
I bought a lot recently, the jacket above i bought a few days ago and im loving it! Great for summer to hide my fats :P Its relatively light so its not ganna be a problem during summer! and the stripe singlet inside, i bought today in H&M haha you can never walk away from H&M without buying anything seriously.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

06.05.2010 Happy Birthday to my Sister :D

Today is my sister's birthday!! can't tell how old is she cause she might kill me hahaha :P anyway, we had Korean barbecue and it was great!! my alcoholic sister ordered beer and we had "swiss roll" for birthday cake instead of having traditional cake. They are all very nice!!worth to be that expensive. The photo above is my sister wearing/holding my handmade gifts, the iphone case, the bracelet and the crazy cloud necklace. Show you a closer look of the iphone case.

(Tee Zara, Dress Dotti, Leggings Chapel, Bag Rabeanco, Necklace Swarovski, Bracelet Karen Walker)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

04.05.2010 Epoch cafe at Admiralty

Very nice environmnt with many foreigners, i feel like im back in NZ and i love it! the cakes there are very nice and iced coffee are not bad too, pretty impressed :)

I was surprised by the toilet in Pacific Place, Admiralty. very very cool, stylish design!

(Shirt Brandy from Italy, Bag Rabeanco, Necklace D_Luxe, Bracelets by myself , Brandy from Italy and Chole)
Bought  this ring from "smelly mall" i called it in Causeway Bay haha don't actually know where the name came from. Now i wake up very early everyday at around 7 to 8 which i don't normally do, weird. But then im feeling healthy everyday which is great :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

03.05.2010 Iced Sesame Cafe Latte

Iced Sesame Cafe Latte from Pokka Cafe. This was the first time i tried and i loved it :) couldn't really taste sesame tho.....
(Top H&M, Bag Danielapi, Shoes Camper, Necklace Deadly Ponies)

These are the three pieces that i made by myself, nice? give me some comments hehe I am a bit sick and lazy to type, so i will end here. See ya :)

Oh! one more thing, i really really like this look! (click on the link for photo)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Give me some weight lose methods!! im too fattttt

(Top H&M, Leggings Chapel, Shoes Camper)

Bought this leggings today, with sheer at the back, totally love it <3
Well, anyone knows some effective ways to lose weight? instead of only exercise or eat less?