Saturday, May 22, 2010

22.05.2010 Debailleul Cafe

Haven't update for long, too lazy :P so, i have stop drinking coffee for a while cause my stomach was feeling unwell and the reason was because of coffee :( Now i am all good and i can have coffee 'sometimes' but not everyday. The Iced Mocha i had was very nice not very strong, good for me :)
I bought a lot recently, the jacket above i bought a few days ago and im loving it! Great for summer to hide my fats :P Its relatively light so its not ganna be a problem during summer! and the stripe singlet inside, i bought today in H&M haha you can never walk away from H&M without buying anything seriously.

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  1. Omg, that coffee and cake look AMAZING. Nom nom nommmm.
    You look so cute too! H&M has to be one of my fav stores, always have to get something when I visit it =P
    Thanks for the comment!! Love the idea of your blog, definitely will continue reading your posts =)
    Couture Me: