Monday, May 3, 2010

03.05.2010 Iced Sesame Cafe Latte

Iced Sesame Cafe Latte from Pokka Cafe. This was the first time i tried and i loved it :) couldn't really taste sesame tho.....
(Top H&M, Bag Danielapi, Shoes Camper, Necklace Deadly Ponies)

These are the three pieces that i made by myself, nice? give me some comments hehe I am a bit sick and lazy to type, so i will end here. See ya :)

Oh! one more thing, i really really like this look! (click on the link for photo)


  1. these chains are awesome! Can't believe you made them! xx

  2. the jewelry is really good! hope you feel better!

  3. woww those are amazing. I wish i could make something like that! I love the bracelet/ring. Ohh and thank you for your lovely comment :) I love your blog. I'm following :) follow me?

    xoxo Kayla

  4. loving striped tees at the moment, and that ring is so so awesome