Thursday, May 6, 2010

06.05.2010 Happy Birthday to my Sister :D

Today is my sister's birthday!! can't tell how old is she cause she might kill me hahaha :P anyway, we had Korean barbecue and it was great!! my alcoholic sister ordered beer and we had "swiss roll" for birthday cake instead of having traditional cake. They are all very nice!!worth to be that expensive. The photo above is my sister wearing/holding my handmade gifts, the iphone case, the bracelet and the crazy cloud necklace. Show you a closer look of the iphone case.

(Tee Zara, Dress Dotti, Leggings Chapel, Bag Rabeanco, Necklace Swarovski, Bracelet Karen Walker)

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  1. happy birthday to your sister :) and that iphone case is amazing!! woww!

    xoxo Kayla